Cannabis Infused
Fresh Ginger
Fresh Ginger
Pure Sugar

Ginger Beer

Behold the cannabis revolution. Magic Number Ginger Beer is an insanely delicious, craft-brewed, cannabis-infused beverage for spirited individuals everywhere.

What’s Your Magic Number?

3 mg

Blue skies and endless smiles. Days like these are made for threes. Grab your bestie and embark on a day of adventure. Ride your bike like the trail never ends. Find your bliss at the top of the mountain. Wherever your path leads you, go the distance. Just don’t forget the sunscreen.

10 mg

For the slightly more adventurous – or maybe just the more initiated – dial it up to 10 mg and let it unfold. Whether you’re up for a day on the river or down for a night on the town, make sure you’re feeling fresh with a little spring in your step. 10 mg might be just where it’s at. Ahhh...

25 mg

For some, a full 25 mg might mean pulling on your big-boy pants and holding on for the ride. For others, it’s just another stroll around the block. That’s where your individuality and keen sense of self comes into play. Whoever you are, 25 mg is not the place to start. But it might just end up setting you free.

Cannabis Infused

We’re not selling snake oil here. Magic Number beverages are infused with the finest blend of sativa and indica cannabis oil. Not too much couch, just enough verve, and none of that manky aftertaste.

Fresh Ginger

Sustainably-grown, zesty Peruvian ginger. You can almost taste the mountain air it was grown in, and you can feel good about the rainforests it comes from. Delicate and lemony, pleasantly tangy, you might find it hard to stop at just one.

Pure Cane Sugar

Pure sugar crushed right from the cane. Caramelly, but not too sweet. We think you’re sweet enough just the way you are.

Water Magic Number Glass

Delicious Water

We’re serious about our water here in Oregon. Clean as the driven snow. And here in Bend we get a lot of that. There’s a reason craft brewers and bakers (the bread kind) flock to Central Oregon. It’s in the water.

Start Low and Slow

Start sober, low and slow, especially if you’re new to cannabis beverages. And even if you’re not, everything in moderation, we say. Each person experiences cannabis in a slightly different way, so go easy to start out. Try a 3 mg or split a 10 mg beverage with a friend.

Take Your Time

Be sure to wait at least 90 minutes before having anything else. Good things come to those who wait.

Dial It In

Over time, you’ll discover your own Magic Number so you can tailor your experience to the occasion.