Cannabis Infused
Cold Brewed Coffee
Cold Brewed Coffee
Pure Sugar

Cold-Brewed Coffee

This is not your uncle’s weed, man. Liberated from the pipe, poured into your favorite coffee cup, Magic Number Cold-Brewed Coffee delivers a revolutionary experience that opens your mind and takes on the day.

What’s Your Magic Number?

3 mg

Coffee and cannabis go together like... bacon and eggs, snow and skis, Ren and Stimpy, carrots and peas. It might just be a match made in heaven. Hit the pool for some laps or break out an art project. Either way, fuel up for a productive day.

10 mg

Mellow it out right out of the gate. However you take your coffee, be sure to strike a balance. We’re looking for enough get-up to be off on our way. But not too fast. It’s a wild world out there. Stop and smell the roses.

25 mg

Amplify your drive, boost your imagination. This one delivers for the heavy-hitters out there, the woman on a mission. You’ll be knocking that to-do list out like nobody’s business. But we won’t judge you if you get side-tracked by your record collection.

Cannabis Infused

Steeped in positive energy, Magic Number beverages are enhanced with a carefully measured blend of sativa and indica cannabis oil, so you can imbibe with confidence.

Cold Brewed Coffee

Smoke, spice, flowers, a hint of chocolate - you might just be transported to the rich mountain sides of Guatemala with your very first sip. Cold-brewed for maximum smoothness. Feel free to add touch of cream, we don’t think you’ll need it.

Pure Cane Sugar

One cube or two? We appreciate democracy and free-choice so we’ve added just a touch.

Water Magic Number Glass Magic Number Glass

Delicious Water

Crisp, gentle, smooth. The freshest of the fresh. Need we say more?

Start Low and Slow

Start sober, low and slow, especially if you’re new to cannabis beverages. And even if you’re not, everything in moderation, we say. Each person experiences cannabis in a slightly different way, so go easy to start out. Try a 3 mg or split a 10 mg beverage with a friend.

Take Your Time

Be sure to wait at least 90 minutes before having anything else. Good things come to those who wait.

Dial It In

Over time, you’ll discover your own Magic Number so you can tailor your experience to the occasion.