Black Magic Batida


Crafted for the Tokativity Portland Halloween party, the Black Magic Batida will certainly cast a spell on you (har har har).   The cold brew's satiny mouthfeel and the nut milks silky cream keep this cocktail easy going and light.  Topped with whipped cream and a dash of ground nutmeg, it's [...]

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Billows and Thieves


We found this recipe from Astoria, New York mixologist Mike Di Tota and couldn't help but publish it. 3 ounces fresh grapefruit juice 1 ounce cold-brewed coffee 1/2 ounce black cardamom-cinnamon syrup (recipe follows) 1/2 ounce fresh lemon juice pinch of smoked sea salt Nutmeg, for garnish Combine all ingredients [...]

Billows and Thieves2021-02-26T00:44:37+00:00

Cold Brew Sour


This spin off the other kind of sour is a bright, refreshing beverage. It has a tartness to it - the word ‘sour’ is in the name for a reason - but it’s nothing like biting straight into a lemon. It’s a tartness that’s balanced out by a smooth sweetness [...]

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High Desert Coffee Tonic


This one’s an take-off on an original from Java Presse.  The High Plains Tonic combines cold brew coffee, grape juice, and a touch of tonic water - all over ice. Yeah - I realize it sounds quite odd. But trust me, it’s like drinking a coffee-infused, chocolate covered grape that’s [...]

High Desert Coffee Tonic2021-04-07T22:21:26+00:00

Magic in the Shrub


This sophisticated cocktail comes from Moss Crossing, where foodie/budtender Jamie went next level right out of the gate by combining our zesty ginger beer with a floral soda and a homemade berry shrub. 3 oz Magic Number Ginger Beer 2 oz dry lavender soda 1 oz berry shrub *choice of [...]

Magic in the Shrub2021-04-07T22:23:19+00:00

Modern Madrone Mule


A modern twist on the an old recipe, this simple cocktail captured by Madrone Cannabis Club in Portland makes the most out of frigid copper mugs to bring the coldest zestiest summer refresher. For 2 drinks: 2 limes, juiced soda water, cold Magic Number Ginger Beer - 6 oz or [...]

Modern Madrone Mule2021-04-07T22:22:48+00:00

The Mad Hatter


Created in the Fall of 2018 for the Tokativity Eugene's autumn bash "Alice thru the Toking Glass", the Mad Hatter helped quench the thirst and lift the spirits of everyone in attendance. sprig of mint (8-10 leaves) 1 cup OJ 1 cup pineapple juice Magic Number ginger beer Muddle the [...]

The Mad Hatter2021-04-07T22:22:10+00:00

Magic Margarita


Pineapple Foam Orange Juice Magic Number Ginger Beer chili salt Do something with pineapple, then mix in orange juice. Put chili salt on the rim of the glass and fill with ice. Pour in desired amount of ginger beer, top off with the fruit mixer.   and as always... Do [...]

Magic Margarita2021-04-07T22:20:43+00:00

Orange-Ginger Creamsicle


Another winner from the fam at Moss Crossing, this fizzy creamy cocktail is celebratory and silly at the same time.  Perfect at a large party, these can be prepared en masse and served for a raucous "cheers!". 2 oz Magic Number Ginger Beer 3 oz Orange Juice 1 oz Coconut [...]

Orange-Ginger Creamsicle2021-04-08T19:43:43+00:00

Orange Magic Mule


The Magic cocktail that started it all. 3 oz. Magic Number ginger beer (1/4 bottle) 2 oz. lime juice 2 oz. orange juice Fill a copper mug with ice.  Pour orange juice and lime juice over ice.  Pour in ginger beer until mostly full.  Stir and garnish with a lime [...]

Orange Magic Mule2021-04-07T22:24:48+00:00
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