Modern Madrone Mule


A modern twist on the an old recipe, this simple cocktail captured by Madrone Cannabis Club in Portland makes the most out of frigid copper mugs to bring the coldest zestiest summer refresher. For 2 drinks: 2 limes, juiced soda water, cold Magic Number Ginger Beer - 6 oz or [...]

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The Mad Hatter


Created in the Fall of 2018 for the Tokativity Eugene's autumn bash "Alice thru the Toking Glass", the Mad Hatter helped quench the thirst and lift the spirits of everyone in attendance. sprig of mint (8-10 leaves) 1 cup OJ 1 cup pineapple juice Magic Number ginger beer Muddle the [...]

The Mad Hatter2021-04-07T22:22:10+00:00

The Buzzed Bunny


Eh...what’s up, doc?  This Signature Cocktail comes to us from down the street at High Grade Organics in Bend, where their boutique farm vibe might make you think they grew the carrots right there at the shop.  The rosemary and tumeric add an aromatic punch to the earthy sweetness of [...]

The Buzzed Bunny2021-04-08T19:42:51+00:00

Life’s a Peach


Our friends at Tokyo Starfish in Bend know how to get after it in the High Desert while keeping it chilled out.  Bust out this tasty bevvie when you're at the lake with friends and follow where the laughter takes you. Muddle ½ Peach, 8 Mint leaves and 1 tbsp. [...]

Life’s a Peach2021-02-26T00:44:38+00:00

Granny Smith Magic Mule


This “Granny Smith Magic Mule” is delicious and really gets the Magic flowing. Warm winter spices like cinnamon and whole allspice give this cannabis cocktail a seasonal spin, and the green apple adds a subtle tart-sweet note. Ingredients • 1 1/2 cups unfiltered apple cider • 1/2 cup chopped Granny [...]

Granny Smith Magic Mule2021-02-26T00:44:38+00:00

Portland Hospitality


Summertime in The Rose City...the air is warm, the fruit is ripe, and the sunset is just that much sweeter.  The Portland Hospitality was designed to provide a kind and friendly welcome to anyone looking to enjoy this beautiful city. 1 part Apricot nectar 1 part Magic Number Ginger beer [...]

Portland Hospitality2021-02-26T00:44:38+00:00

Berry the Witch


Make the most of the summertime berry bonanza with this aromatic and spellbinding cocktail. 1/4 cup fresh raspberries 1/4 cup fresh blueberries verbena flower Magic Number ginger beer Muddle the both berries in a glass and strain them to remove the skins and seeds.  Make sure you get all the [...]

Berry the Witch2021-04-07T22:26:17+00:00

Mother of Dragons


Perfect for a chilly day, the Mother of Dragons balances hot cider with spicy ginger and aromatic cinnamon to warm you from the inside out. Your favorite apple cider, heated to steaming on the stove Magic Number ginger beer, room temperature cinnamon stick Heat the apple cider until steam comes [...]

Mother of Dragons2021-04-07T22:25:47+00:00

Orange Magic Mule


The Magic cocktail that started it all. 3 oz. Magic Number ginger beer (1/4 bottle) 2 oz. lime juice 2 oz. orange juice Fill a copper mug with ice.  Pour orange juice and lime juice over ice.  Pour in ginger beer until mostly full.  Stir and garnish with a lime [...]

Orange Magic Mule2021-04-07T22:24:48+00:00

Ginger Fizz


The most simple of our cocktail recipes, the Ginger Fizz is a great way to make a round of drinks that are low in calories but bright and refreshing. 3 oz. Magic Number ginger beer (1/4 bottle) - dose accordingly 2 oz. soda water 2 oz. lime juice mint leaves [...]

Ginger Fizz2021-04-07T22:24:14+00:00
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