To celebrate its fifth anniversary, Magic Number, a canna-brewery located in Bend, Oregon, is pushing the boundaries of cannabis beverages with Magic Bubbly, a limited-run special edition sparkling apple juice infused with 50mg of cannabis live resin.

Leaning into the year-end tradition of champagne, Magic Number is “setting the bar” higher than ever to bring Oregon consumers a recognizable and sophisticated product with a nuanced experience unlike anything they have seen before.

Pairing ‘ Pink Lemonade’ live resin with Washington State apple juice, hibiscus, and elderflower, Magic Number’s brewers have created a balanced, sweet and tart sparkling libation. Grown by The Pineapple Society, a Southern Oregon farm specializing in sun grown cannabis and hemp, and processed by Buddies Brand into their Liquid Diamonds live resin, the strain Pink Lemonade was selected for it’s energizing and relaxing effects, as well as it’s aroma of sharp citrus accented by a mild earthiness.

By flash freezing the flower immediately at harvest, Buddies Brand was able to retain 10.69% terpenes in their extract, and consumers will appreciate the aromatic and therapeutic blend of the major terpenes found in the strain — Terpinolene, Ocimene, Limonene, Myrcene, and beta-Caryophyllene. With it’s high terpene content and full cannabinoid profile, live resin is the cannasseur’s choice for extracts.

Magic Number’s brewers have created a balanced, sweet and tart sparkling juice which is sure to heighten your senses and help you celebrate the end of a year worth remembering….or forgetting. And it’s our magical treat to celebrate five amazing years as a canna-brewery.

A limited 850 bottle run, Magic Bubbly will be Magic Number’s most labor-intensive product to date. Each bottle will be individually filled with hand application of the wire cage and foil. Approximately 100 Oregon dispensaries will be receiving limited allotments of Magic Bubbly prior to the 2020 holiday season. Suggested retail is $36.

Born in its founders’ garage in 2015, Magic Number has been on the forefront of crafting

cannabis-infused beverages and tinctures which aim to help cannabis consumers find their “Magic Number.” Their cutting-edge all-natural water-soluble cannabis oil emulsion gives Magic Number the ability to pair terpene-rich live resin extract with delicious all-natural beverages and alcohol-free tinctures in various strengths and applications.

For more information, contact Jon Tapper at Magic Number