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Have Some Magic Bubbly – Bend Bulletin


A 5-year-old Bend cannabis company has found its magic number. It’s 850, bottles of Magic Bubbly that is. This small-batch cannabis-infused sparkling apple juice was founded upon the idea that everyone needed something to celebrate. It is expected to hit a few recreational dispensary store shelves this weekend , said Jon Tapper, Magic Number director of sales and marketing. Each store will get 10 bottles of the small-batch sparkling apple juice.

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Our Story


Since the beginning, Magic Number has been committed to sustainability and quality ingredients, including sourcing all-natural ingredients and working with Oregon-based growers and suppliers. Magic Number is proudly hand-made in Bend, Oregon. The team remains as passionate as ever about delivering an all-natural, fresh and downright delicious beverages and liquid edibles that offer the healing benefits of whole plant cannabis…to sip, share and savor on any occasion. Cheers!

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How to Dose Magic Number


How do liquid cannabis products like Magic Number’s drinks and tasty tinctures differ from the candy/cookie type of edible? Magic Number was founded on the idea that every person has their “Magic Number”, or “ideal dose” of cannabis.  Here's our guide.

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Willamette Week: Magic Number’s Weed-Infused Sparkling Cider Is an Ideal Way to Toast the End of This Trash Year


Discerning Portland potheads are already familiar enough with Bend-based Magic Number's line of resin-spiked sodas, candy-sweet tinctures and flagship ginger beers. So when we caught wind of its limited-edition, seasonal run of Magic Bubbly, a $36, 750 ml bottle of cannabis-infused sparkling cider, we knew exactly what had to be done. I would have to take it to my squad's annual five-guest holiday party.

Willamette Week: Magic Number’s Weed-Infused Sparkling Cider Is an Ideal Way to Toast the End of This Trash Year2021-04-08T19:45:53+00:00

Trend Hunter: Magic Bubbly from Magic Number is a Limited-Run Offering


The Magic Bubbly cannabis-infused sparkling apple juice is a new product from Magic Number that's focused on providing consumers an alternative refreshment to sip when ringing in the new year. The limited-run special edition beverage is infused with 50mg of cannabis live resin, which will help to provide a tranquil buzz for consumers that is different from what conventional sparkling wine will offer. The drink is infused with a range of premium ingredients to make it a great alternative for cannabis-loving consumers to pick up this holiday season when looking to switch up their traditions.

Trend Hunter: Magic Bubbly from Magic Number is a Limited-Run Offering2021-04-08T19:45:15+00:00

Marijuana Times: Bend Cannabis Companies Boost Central Oregon Economy


The city of Bend in Deschutes County, and the entire region of Central Oregon, is seeing its next big economic boom. Economic booms are nothing new to Bend. The community has seen many changes over the years as the economy has evolved from timber, real estate development, healthcare, food and craft beer. Today they are seeing a new industry emerge; an industry that is growing faster than any other. This particular industry is employing thousands of people, as well as providing over a million dollars in combined tax revenues to the city and county. Central Oregon’s new economic boom is coming from the legal cannabis industry.

Marijuana Times: Bend Cannabis Companies Boost Central Oregon Economy2021-04-07T23:26:39+00:00
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