Dosing Magic NumberYou’re probably pretty familiar with cannabis edibles…THC and CBD infused gummies, candies and baked goods like brownies and cookies.  Ask around and it won’t take long to find someone who had a bad experience after their friend gave them a homemade pot brownie of unknown strength.  That’s how it was back in the day.

Fast forward to the present day and edibles offer a simple and easily measurable way to enjoy a controlled amount of THC at any single time.  And because Oregon law allows cannabis edibles to have up to 50mg THC per package, manufacturers typically offer them in two distinct packages 1) ten “pieces” of 5mg THC each, or 2) a single unit of 50mg (with directions how to cut it up for smaller dosing).  Looking for a light dose? Have a 5mg gummy (or split it in half for 2.5mg).  Got a heavier tolerance?  Drop a 50mg and let it ride.

But what about liquid cannabis products like drinks and tasty tinctures?  How do they differ from the candy/cookie type of edible?

Magic Number was founded in 2014 on the idea that every person has their “Magic Number”, or “ideal dose” of cannabis.  Another way to say it is that it is possible to learn, and dial in, how much or how little cannabis you need to have a positive experience.

Magic Number Live Resin Sodas

Our 12oz. live resin sodas are made in a variety of strengths to help dial in your Magic Number.  You can choose from 10mg, 25mg, 50mg, 1:1, and CBD+, and while the specific dose is what’s on the can, it doesn’t mean you can’t split them up to create flexible doses.

Pour a 10mg soda into two glasses and create a 5mg and 5mg experience for you and a friend.  Splash a 25mg beverage into 5 friends glasses and they each get a 5mg party in a cup.  Split a 50mg with a friend and you’re each rocking 25mg.  Or get a variety of strengths so everyone can enjoy their own can.  It’s really quite flexible.

Liquid cannabis offers faster onset compared to traditional edibles (as fast as 10 minutes). And because you typically drink a beverage over 10-15 minutes, the glide path of the high is nice and smooth because you ingest your dose sip by sip.

Magic Number Live Resin Mega, Magic, and Micro Drops

Looking to get your dose in a smaller package and also choose between Sativa, Indica, 1:1, and CBD+?  Our Drops where where it’s at.  You won’t find a lighter, smoother, tastier water-soluble tincture on the market. Why?  We don’t use glycerin or corn syrup, so our tincture has a consistency more like juice than syrup.  It’s really yummy!

Drops are offered in 3 strengths…1000mg Megas, 150mg Magics, and 75mg Micros.

Mega Drop dosing – 125mg Tablespoon, 42mg Teaspoon, 8mg per ml
Magic Drop dosing – 25mg Teaspoon, ~15mg Capful, 5mg per ml
Micro Drop dosing – 2.5mg in .5ml dropper

Try holding our Drops under your tongue for sub-lingual absorption and you will experience a faster and stronger onset than traditional edibles.  Mix them into a beverage to smooth out your glide path.

Magic Number’s liquid cannabis products offer a unique and faster acting twist on the cannabis edible experience.  Start sober, low and slow, especially if you’re new to cannabis beverages. And even if you’re not, everything in moderation, we say. Each person experiences cannabis in a slightly different way, so go easy to start out.