Photo credit Bend Bulletin Ryan Breneke

Like a lot of great Oregon companies, Magic Number started in a garage with a modest investment in a grand idea.

It was back in 2014 and friends Dan Pilver and Alex Berger were independently experimenting with home brewing ideas. A special education teacher by day, Dan was looking for a creative outlet and testing ginger beer formulations. Alex was working on an elixir of his own, utilizing a tonic recipe. Fueled by a sense of adventure, a dash of humor, and the belief of the healing powers of cannabis, the duo combined their efforts and decided to focus on a cannabis-infused ginger beer.

Using recycled brewing supplies and a good deal of ingenuity, the pair went through dozens of recipes in an effort to develop a beverage that could quench your thirst and stimulate your mind. With overwhelmingly positive feedback, they knew almost immediately that their hobby had the makings of something more. The cannabis beverage market was in its infancy but was already tapping into society’s centuries-old thirst for beverages that refresh, delight and inspire.

Using trial and error and some help from the internet, Dan and Alex constructed a small-scale brewing operation in Alex’s garage. They started small, hand-filling bottles and building a modest distribution network out of the back of a pick-up truck. They enlisted friends to help with the manual production process and brewed batches of ginger beer and cold brew coffee by the gallon, pasteurizing the finished product in Berger’s driveway with a steam bath built from spare parts.

Before long the upstart canna-brewery had outgrown the garage and the business relocated to a larger facility with enough space to handle industrial brewing equipment, warehousing and distribution operations.

Since the beginning, Magic Number has been committed to sustainability and quality ingredients, including sourcing all-natural ingredients and working with Oregon-based growers and suppliers.

Magic Number is proudly hand-made in Bend, Oregon. The team remains as passionate as ever about delivering an all-natural, fresh and downright delicious beverages and liquid edibles that offer the healing benefits of whole plant cannabis…to sip, share and savor on any occasion. Cheers!